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High-end Architecture Interior Design

Sole Architect in charge of the project

At the beginning of my professional career, I worked for Arch. Patrizio Paris and I was appointed as the main architect for the renovation of two apartments in the historic centre of Rome and also appointed as sole architect for the design project of a new-built villa in Casablanca, Morocco.

I worked on many high-end residential projects as a sole architect including the renovation of a penthouse on split levels with 360° panoramic terraces  over the spectacular historic centre of Rome, which became a trophy-asset for the family's portfolio and was published in architectural magazines.

Residential Development

Sole Architect in charge of the project

Total refurbishment and redevelopment of two 20th century adjacent buildings a few steps away from Rome's famous Colosseum (Via Celimontana - residential only and Via de' S.S. Quattro - mixed use).


The project covered the corner of a block spanning roughly 4,000 sq m divided into 25 apartments, 5 shops, 1 garage and several storage units. I was in charge of the architectural planning, interior design, technical drawings, HVAC and helped with building site supervision.


I worked hand-in-hand with the structural engineers for building consolidation, as well as with the buyers and suppliers. The building had been left in a state of complete neglect and decay for many years so the project was long and complex, involving a complete redesign to update it for the 20th century while respecting the buildings’ beautiful 19th-century bones.


The project turned into a very successful commercial operation and became a benchmark in the promotion of the requalification of the entire area.


Commercial Development

Sole Architect in charge of the project

In 2017 I successfully completed the renovation of an iconic 1970s high-rise office building in Roma EUR. Built in 1975 and designed by Italian architect Lapadula, the building underwent a comprehensive renovation to address issues related to sustainability, energy efficiency, architectural consistency, and market appeal.

Key Achievements:


Enhanced Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: by redesigning all the facades and windows resulting in optimised resource consumption and decreased operational costs, contributing to a reduced environmental footprint and aligning the building with contemporary standards.

Architectural Consistency: The project aimed at eliminating inconsistencies from numerous past interventions and creating a brand new harmonious architectural identity.


Market Appeal: Successful transformation of the building into a contemporary and appealing structure, attracting new companies and tenants.


Financial Impact: The project achieved a remarkable increase in building occupancy rates, as it had a mere 30% prior to the renovation and reached 100% after, resulting in a gross annual income of €1.9M and a current market value of over €25M.

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