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About Me


Valentina Giacinti
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AA Diploma and RIBA Part 2 Architect

20+ years’ experience in charge of high-profile and prestigious projects valued at <€25M, including: conversions, refurbishments, revamping and upgrading of both commercial (up to 7.500 sq m) and residential developments (up to 3.000 sq m / 25 units).

Passionate about merging technical solutions in sustainability and energy efficiency with contemporary and classic designs.

Strong believer in conservation and reuse.

Purpose-driven mission to return previously neglected buildings to new characterful, harmonious and welcoming environments.

All work informed by cultural depth and curiosity gained via work experiences in Contemporary Art, Photography, Theatre, Cinema, and Travel combined with a strong academic background in humanistic studies, including Ancient Greek, Latin, Philosophy and History.

Focused on

Extensive experience in Residential and Office development and conversions.

My main work deals with conjugating the current advancements in Sustainability and Energy efficiency, with aesthetics and functionality.

A meticulous analysis of the site and its peculiarities combined with a comprehensive research in sustainable materials, insulation, heating/cooling and in depth assessment of the end user in order to provide harmonious yet functional solutions.

Extensive building site experience.

Extensive experience with period structures and buildings such as:

  • Medieval and Renaissance brick and stone buildings.

  • 1800’s brick and mortar structures, with steel beams, vaults or timber substructures.

  • 1960’s and 70’s Reinforced concrete (thermal bridges, concrete decay etc.).


London School of Economics 2021

Real Estate Economics and Finance (online)

  • Successfully completed (with a score of 96,4%) the 8-week online certificate course "Real Estate Economics and Finance".

  • The course focused on the functioning of urban real estate markets with guidance from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) faculty and industry experts.

  • I learned how to critically evaluate property investment options using economic and financial theories and research, as well as how to best fund property purchases.

  • Other topics studied included Real Estate portfolio management and diversification and sustainable real estate practices.


AA Diploma School 

AA Final Examination (ARB/RIBA Part 2) on 3 July 2002

AA Diploma on 26/27/28 June 2002

  • Graduated with an historical thesis entitled "Site Specific - The Voids of Power and the Power of Voids in Berlin". The project takes as its pretext the debate, then in progress, about the reconstruction of the Castle in Marx-Engels Platz (Museum Island, Berlin) developing into an analytical study on the identity of contemporary Germany.

  • The design project that derives from the analysis is the choice of making an architectural intervention in the physical and ideal demarcation line between the ruins of the “Schloss-Castle” and the empty shell of the “Palast Der Republik” (former East German Parliament), as a hypothesis of objectification and neutralisation of historical memory to promote the new.

  • The proposed architectural object consists in the design of a museum and exhibition space, made with intersecting ramps, that take the observer through a path where he has to look at the past, now rendered into an “Object of Art”, from many different angles and points of view.

  • The proposed building brought forward the study and development of a laminated wood structure for that purpose.


AA Intermediate School (BA)

AA Intermediate Examination (ARB/RIBA Part 1) on 6 July 1999

  • Got the sponsorship of Titania S.p.A. and Cellbond Composites Ltd to create the 1:1 scale prototype of her design project, a "Portable Office" in titanium and aluminium honeycomb. The prototype was shown at the AA Exhibition (1999) and at the prestigious "100% DESIGN" exhibition in London.

  • I had the privilege to be lectured by architects such as Zaha Hadid (also external examiner for my final examination) and Daniel Libeskind, amongst many others.


Facoltà di Architettura

  • I received two scholarships. The first (for academic achievement) gave me total exemption from university fees. The second was obtained for architectural merits and achievement and consisted in a traveling-seminar on Alvaro Siza in Portugal and Spain with Prof. Antonino Terranova.

  • I collaborated with Prof. Albert J Sbragia (University of Washington, Seattle, Department of Italian Literature) and (contributed to the book "The Oral History of Modern Architecture" by John Peter. I completed many courses with honours including "History of Modern and Contemporary Architecture" taught by Prof. Arch. Paolo Portoghesi and "Research and Theory of Contemporary Architecture" taught by Prof. Arch. Antonino Terranova.


  • ArchitecturaPlanning

  • Interior Design

  • Light Design

  • Property Development

  • Residential conversions

  • Staging

  • Fit out

  • Office layout

  • Sustainability

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Conservation

  • Relations with costumers

  • Supply chain

  • HVAC

Computer & Media

  • AutoCAD 2D

  • Form Z 2D and3D rendering and animations

  • Quark Express

  • Office Word

  • Office Excel

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro

  • Google Apps

  • Canva

  • Web site design - Wix

  • Digital Photography

  • Analogue Photography and Printing

  • Model Making (balsa, cardboard...)

  • Measured Surveying


  • Italian (Native)

  • English

  • Spanish

  • French

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